East Wonder International, Inc. (EWI) is an international trading and service company. As distributor and sales agent in the aviation industry, EWI supplies airborne equipment, ground-support equipment and consumable materials, and provides aviation engineering and certification training and consulting services, to aircraft manufacturers, airlines, general aviation companies and MROs.

EWI primarily serves the Asian region, including Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. EWI is ISO 9001 certified. Following are some of the international companies that EWI represents:

EWI’s branch company in China is Shanghai Ziheng Aviation Equipment Co., Ltd.


1. Work as agent/distributor to promote in the Asian market
Set up and train sales and engineering team
Establish marketing plan and sales network
Prepare product introduction and local catalogues/websites
Organize seminars and end user visits
Provide warehousing and post sales support

2. Provide consulting services to get into the major Asian market
Specify government resources needed to support your objectives
Suggest potential strategic partners in Asia
List potential customers for your products and services in Asia
Determine the best distribution channels in Asia
Assist in sales and marketing activities in Asia

3. Help source products and materials for international companies from Asia
Select appropriate and reputable suppliers
Arrange for catalogues, samples, and coordinate ongoing sampling
Product quality control in product manufacturing and delivery
Arrange shipping overland and sea
Deal with customs, insurance, tariffs and taxes

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